Service & Repair

When your computer fails, let the experts get you back up and running.. fast

We can service all types of computer equipment running either Microsoft Windows or Linux OS and with manufacturer specific authorised technicians and decades of experience, you can be assured of only the best service. Software updates, hardware check-ups or lost data recovery. We can give your system a clean bill of health, making it run as fast as it should be. In addition, we can upgrade your PC to optimise speed, increase hard drive space or replace it with state of a the art, super fast SSD drive or provide more RAM to make your computer run quicker and more efficient.

Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery... Secure Data Recovery Services is one of our specialities and we are a leading source for professional data recovery and media repair. With an advanced media laboratory and a long history of successful service in the region, we give you a fast way to regain access to important files or folders when data loss occurs.

Virus & Malware Removal... We are highly experienced in all aspects of Virus removal. It doesn't matter how big or small your virus problem may be, we WILL resolve it quickly and professionally. We can provide technical support for ANY Virus related problem including.. Worms, Trojans, RootKits, Malware, False Anti-Virus, Spyware etc Some infections can render your computer virtually useless, whilst others, you may not even know are there and many need expert help to ensure they are removed completely. We are highly experienced and are able to remove even the most stubborn of infections whilst preserving your valuable data.

Client Utilities

Repair Tracker

To track the progress of a live repair please select the Track a Repair button. You will need the individual Job number from your reciept.

Track a Repair

Remote Support

To request a secure session remote desktop access call please select the Remote Client Download button below. Before we can connect to your remote system, your computer must be configured to accept such connections. Simply click the button, download and run the file accepting any warning, then give us a call.

Remote Client Download

* Not sure what to do?? Our dedicated support number is always available. Simply call us on -

01777 854282